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Free consultation
Sometimes the official rules published on cryptocurrency exchanges do not clearly describe their requirements for candidates and the procedure itself. On some platforms, only the phrase is issued: "Please fill out the form and wait for an answer." They do not specify any special requirements. Correct consultation can shed light on the exact requirements put forward by a particular exchange. You will know what to expect and how long it will take.
An audit is a complete overview of all components and business processes of a project. This helps to identify all shortcomings and inaccuracies in advance so that they do not come to light during an audit conducted by representatives of the exchange. We really know what is important and what is not, and therefore they can help you prevent rejection or disappointment in results.
Preparation of documents
There is a certain set of documents that are required for every more or less stable exchange. You will need to do this once, but it should be perfect. It usually includes technical documentation describing each subsystem of your blockchain network and legal documents. We can help you build this set that you can reuse when applying to other exchanges.
Communication with the management of the exchange
As we already mentioned, communicating with representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges can be problematic for startups. This is where specialized companies have an edge. Some of them have business partnerships or are even personally familiar with the management of many exchanges. This naturally makes communication effective and contributes to the success of the negotiations.
Also, given the volume of listings of our company, the placement price for your project may be lower than the official one.
Post-listing support
Listing is only the first step. After that, you will be faced with a difficult task: to maintain the relevance and trading volume of your coin, increase its liquidity in the cryptocurrency market, and promote further. This is where the listed company will get the most out of the listing and help you focus on marketmaking and promotion.
We are always focused on growth
Listing based only on your needs and goals - we offer the best listing solution.
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